Junkyard Sessions

This was my work for a collaboration of Filipino street artists
The collab was spearheaded by Cavity Collective entitled “Junkyard Sessions”

One month before this work, we were painting on the streets when a middle aged woman
approached us and asked us if we could paint on the walls of her “junkyard”.

We immediately saw the potential of the spot for a huge collaboration due to its length.
Then we thought of raising money for the foundation headed by our friend and also a member of Cavity Collective, Qudo.
The name of the foundation is I’M: Inspire Me.
Every artist paid 50 php as their entrance fee.

All proceeds went to I’M: Inspire Me.
The money will be used for feeding programs and  other projects centered on kids.

Some good friends from Rocket House Productions, Karl Porio, Tomi Uysingco and Nat Lamano learned about our initiative and offered to document our process. Here is their awesome video.

Here are some of the pictures at Junkaryd Sessions:

Photos Courtesy of Nat Lamano, Lee Salvador and other participating artists.

for more photos of the event pls drop by at

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